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Barolo Monfortino Conterno Riserva 2010 Jeroboam

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Bursting fruity aromas of cherries, wild berries, hints of violet and dried rose, menthol, spice, leather and tobacco notes.


Barolo Monfortino Conterno Riserva 2010 Jeroboam

Barolo Monfortino is one of the most famous wines in the world. It is an expression of the winery founded by Giovanni Conterno in 1908, which later took its name from its son Giacomo and is now run by the great-grandson Roberto. It is a wine that constitutes a true icon, capable of evoking the majesty and structure of the great Barolos that have marked history. They are produced on average from seven thousand to ten thousand bottles a year, with great care and attention to detail. Long-lived to infinity.

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